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Man. What an absolutely shitty couple of weeks it’s been. Donald Trump winning the election was nothing short of a punch in the gut. I’ve been able to sum up some of my emotions about the election in the following gifs. Trump is going to be an absolute train wreck for this country. White supremacists and the KKK

Support Net Neutrality

If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen me tweet about Net Neutrality a lot over the past few weeks. I even wrote a blog about it for LyntonWeb. What is net neutrality? Net neutrality is the idea or belief that all Internet service providers (ISPs) and governments should treat all internet data and

I got hacked!

At 10:21 Friday morning I got an email from an awesome WordPress plugin called Wordfence alerting me that my site had a core file changed (index.php which is the main page of the site). I did not change that file, so I immediately went to the site and saw that I had been hacked. Then I

A year without Facebook

Around this time last year I gave up on Facebook. I deleted the majority of the information on my account and stopped using it. This past January I deleted it for good. Facebook gone from my life forever. I was reluctant in signing up for Facebook, and avoided it for years, even after endless prodding