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Best of 2017

Wow, what a shit show 2017 was, huh? Daily doses of idiocy from Trump and administration, countless mass shootings, hurricanes, Net Neutrality being destroyed, and so much more. But, there were a lot of great things too. We kicked off 2017 by meeting our newest nephew TJ in March, and our second niece Gia in

Best of 2016

Man, 2016 was a rough year. We’ve lost so many important people. Losing Bowie alone was crushing. But the rest of the musicians, actors, athletes and dignitaries that died compounded that feeling. And then add the train wreck that is President Elect Trump and man, 2016 was just the worst. I usually hate seeing end

Best of 2015

Another year come and gone. Some big changes for the Rastiellos in 2015, namely I said goodbye to my friends at LyntonWeb and joined Rackspace. On top of that, we traveled to Arkansas, Chicago, and Memphis, and New Jersey twice (not to mention several road trips within Texas). We saw my youngest sister get married,

Best of 2014

2014 is slowly coming to a close. It’s been a good year. Ali and I did some traveling, hung out with friends, spoiled our niece and nephews some more, saw family, and a few weddings. Our biggest news of course is that Ali and I built and moved into our dream home in New Braunfels,

Wish I Was Here

When Zach Braff first announced his Kickstarter campaign to fund his new film, Wish I Was Here, I think I donated within the first hour or two. I’m a big fan of Scrubs, and Garden State is one of my favorite movies. It was a no brainer to be a part of this campaign and

Man of Steel

MAN OF STEEL opened last night at midnight. It was probably my most anticipated movie of the last 5 years. I was there at midnight, ready to soak it all in. And I did not like it. Spoiler warning From here on out there will be pretty huge spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the