Grand Canyon Photography Trip

The Grand Canyon - Pipe Creek Vista

A few years ago my father and I started talking about taking a long trip somewhere to take photos instead of our day trips whenever I’d go home to New Jersey, or when my parents visited us in Texas. And for a few years, it was just talk. It was something we decided to do, but we never actually made the decision on where or when to go. A little later, we decided where to go – but not when. Earlier

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Old Man Yells at Progress

For once, I’m not the old man in this story. Or at least the only one. There are tons of quotes and articles and videos of some old dude complaining because their thing, what ever it is – photography, music, etc., is changing. In today’s digital world more people are able to create art. And that’s a good thing. Is it all going to be good, or meaningful? Most definitely not. But when barriers to entry are knocked down, more

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Copyrights and Fair Use

A week doesn’t go by where I don’t see someone on /r/Photography on Reddit posting about how their photos are being used online or in print without being attributed properly, or even worse, being used without being paid. That prompted me to check out some of my most popular photos on Flickr by doing a reverse Google Image search. I found that quite a few of them are being used online in various blogs, websites and in advertising and marketing. Sites ranging

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Our Yearly Bluebonnet Run and Exploring Small Town Texas

For the past three Aprils Ali and I have taken a drive north/west to a small Texas town with the goal of taking some photos of bluebonnets. The bluebonnet is the official flower of Texas, and typically blooms between March and May. There are bluebonnet festivals around Texas during that time, and many Texans take road trips to find the flowers. They are wild flowers, and you often see them growing in fields along highways so you don’t need to

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600 sq mi Exhibit Opening

Friday night was the opening of the 600 sqi mi: Hidden exhibit featuring two of my pieces. First off I want to thank Ali for pushing me to do this and everything else she does for me, my parents and Aunt Michelle for helping me with the framing costs and Steve for always being willing to lend me his cameras and for printing these photos for me. When we first walked in I saw my first photo, “Happiness” was in

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