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Rekindling an old passion

Last April I wrote a post about how I missed editing video. Almost a year later that still holds true. As I mentioned in that post I got a little burnt out on editing after doing it non-stop everyday. I wasn’t excited about my projects and editing stopped becoming fun. I wasn’t shooting as much

I miss editing

Every once in a while I see something that reminds me how much I love film editing, and loved doing it. It’s what I studied in college, it’s what I wanted to do, and did for a while as a professional job. Back in college, I thought what I wanted to do was shoot and

Dealing with email

If you’re anything like me you probably get a lot of email, both work and personal. How do you manage your inbox? DO you manage your inbox? I can’t stand a messy inbox (Ali’s inbox drives me insane). A cluttered inbox is bad for many reasons. The biggest one is that it makes you feel

Own your pricing

As some of you know we moved to San Antonio back in December. We’re finally settled into our house and are looking to have it painted. We called a number of painters to come give us estimates and they are starting to roll in. Today, one of the contractors called me and gave me his