I’ve never been that much into politics, but I can’t help it this election season. This upcoming election will be the third election that I will be able to vote in (actually, I already voted during the early voting period here in Texas) and I can’t think of a time in my life were there has been this much excitement about a candidate. Or ever.

The amount of people that show up to Barack’s rallies are astounding. He really has given people hope.
And we need hope. Our country is a mess. As is the economy and we’re taking the world down with us.

Four more years of the same policies or similar policies isn’t going to help us. We need change. We need some new thoughts, some fresh blood in the Oval Office.

Tonight Ali and I watched Obama’s political informercial tonight and it was reinforced to me the differences between Obama and McCain. Obama speaks of his plans and ideas in such a way where you know he believes in them, and that they can help fix America. Every time I’ve seen McCain speak, he’s never given off that feeling.

I hope all of you are registered to vote, and I hope that you do vote. This is the first election in my lifetime, and quite possibly in yours to that has had this level of magnitude.

I’m not telling you who to vote for, but I really hope you’ve thought long and hard about the choices we have.

Now Ali and I are off to watch Obama on The Daily Show.

(Also, congrats to Philly.)

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