Just Do It

Yesterday it was reported that Nike named Colin Kaepernick the face of their 30th anniversary of it’s “Just Do It” campaign.

This is a bold, and welcomed move from Nike.

Nike is not a perfect company. They have had no shortage in controversies over the years which shouldn’t be forgotten.

However, choosing Kaepernick shows that they are trying to do the right thing here. They are saying Kaepernick has a voice that deserves to be heard – and he does.

Even being totally cynical, if it’s only their bottom line that they care about, they have done the projections. They’re willing to take possible short term losses for future gains. They have seen that young people want to do business with companies who have values that align to theirs.

Kaepernick is speaking out and fighting for what he believes in. This is a true life Captain America moment. And I support him 100%.

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