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Media Bites – August 2018

Like the last few months, this month’s Media Bites is kind of lacking since we’ve spent most of our time dealing with moving to, unpacking, and dealing with house drama, but here’s a quick review of some of the movies, television shows, music, and other media that I’ve consumed and thought was worth sharing for the month of August 2018.


Sorry to Bother You – We went to see this to escape the hotel room we were living in while our house was being renovated. We saw the trailer, and it looked interesting. That’s all we knew. And all I’ll say is that movie takes a really big turn in the third act that was unexpected.


If you’ve been enjoying these songs I’ve created both an Apple Music playlist and Spotify playlist that includes all of my favorite new songs from 2018. I’ll be adding to this list as the year goes on.


Holedown (iOS App Store / Google Play) – A fun game that you can beat in a few hours. It has replay value though, but I hope they release new levels or upgrades soon.

Pocket Pool (iOS App Store) – A good time killer if you like pool. It’s a little bit of a spin on pool, because the balls have point values that multiply based on which hole you sink them in. Oh, and the multipliers move after each ball you sink.

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