Media Bites – July 2018

Like last month, this month’s Media Bites is kind of lacking since we’ve spent most of our time dealing with closing on our new house and move to Austin, but here’s a quick review of some of the movies, television shows, music, and other media that I’ve consumed and thought was worth sharing for the month of July 2018.


Ant-Man and the Wasp – The latest Marvel movie, and just as expected, it was super fun.

Skyscraper – Going into this movie I knew exactly what to expect, and I got it. A dumb, but really fun, action movie full of ridiculous suspense.

Super Troopers 2 – The original Super Troopers was one of the first DVDs I ever bought, and I loved it. I didn’t expect much from the sequel, but it was still funny and enjoyable. A good rental pick.

Avengers: Infinity War – This movie just hit home video at the end of the month and I anxiously gave it a rewatch (I saw it in the theaters three times). It holds up really well and does a great job of incorporating a ridiculously large cast. On subsequent viewings it can seem to drag on a bit, but that’s kind of a given with how much story they have to tell across so many characters.


The 2000s on CNN – This show is a mini-series looking back at the 2000s – as the name would suggest. It’s strange to look back on something that just happened, but I’m a sucker for these types of shows. It’s still airing on CNN, and should be available on CNN On Demand. We’re actually watching The Nineties, too.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – The Seinfeld “talk” show is back, but has moved to Netflix. The show has lost something as it’s gone on, it could be that Jerry is running out of guests that I care about, but it’s still enjoyable. I think I would rather watch fewer episodes that were longer, than more episodes that were shorter.



Spider-Man #240 – Spider-Man #240 was the end of an era. It was Brian Michael Bendis’ last issue writing a Spider-Man book, something he started in 2000 with Ultimate Spider-Man. In those 18 years, Bendis had an amazing run on Ultimate Spider-Man. In 2011 he wrote the death of Peter Parker, and saw a new Spider-Man rise – Miles Morales. This last issue was a great send off for Bendis, and a great closing chapter on his Spider-Man run. I can’t wait to see where Miles goes both in the comics, and on the screen.

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