Media Bites – March 2018, one of my favorite blogs, has a recurring feature called “Media Diet” where Jason Kottke lists out all of the media he’s consumed in a given time, and shares the worthwhile ones. I love that idea and want to copy it.

So I am. With the clever name – Media Bites – which will hopefully be a monthly thing.

In these posts I’ll include movies, music, comics, television shows, books, articles, whatever I come across that’s worth sharing. They won’t always be new things, just whatever I’ve experienced and was into.


A Wrinkle in Time – I never read the book (because I was a horrible student and hated to read), so I went in completely unaware of the story. The movie had some pacing and plot hole problems, but overall I really enjoyed it and I hope kids see this movie.

Band Aid – I love Adam Pally, so when we came across this movie, it was a no brainer. Ali and I are also really big fans of Life in Pieces, which writer/director/star Zoe Lister-Jones is also on. The movie is about a married couple (Lister-Jones, Pally), who fight all the time, and in an attempt to save their marriage, turn their biggest arguments into songs.

Thor: Ragnarok – This recently came out on home video and I’ve watched it a few times. This movie is easily in my top 10 Marvel movies, and one of my favorite Marvel scores (which have largely been pretty forgetful).

Speaking of Thor and Marvel movies, the Avengers: Infinity War trailer just came out:


I’ve recently subscribed to Apple Music in an effort to discover more new music. The SXSW: In the Garage playlist was a really good one, and introduced me to some great artists, specially some indie women lead bands or solo artists.

I highly recommend checking out Haley Heynderickx’s full album “I Need to Start a Garden” (Apple Music / Spotify)

Also, one of my favorite bands Titus Andronicus released their newest album “A Productive Cough”  (Apple Music / Spotify)

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