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Media Bites – October 2018

Another light month for movies and TV shows, but here’s my wrap up of some of the movies, television shows, music, and other media that I’ve consumed and thought was worth sharing for the month of October 2018.


A Star is Born – I don’t care for Bradley Cooper or Lady Gaga, and was bored to death in this movie. The story moved too fast, or if it was meant to take place over months or years they did a terrible job showing that.
First Man – I enjoyed this, but I found it slow. This movie was more of a character study than a movie about the space program and moon landing – which is fine – but the drama wasn’t engaging. You already know what the outcome is and it’s hard to get past that. Apollo 13, however, never fails to pull me into the drama even though I also know the outcome and have seen the movie a dozen times or so.


Bojack Season 5 – Another amazing series. I’m really blown away by everything. This is one of the few shows that I watch where I don’t find myself reaching for my phone while watching. The funeral episode is a tour de force and should win Will Arnett an EMMY.
Iron Fist Season 2 – Season one was mediocre. Season two was…less so. But still not great. The last few scenes of the last episode were really good and would have set up a potentially fun season three if Netflix didn’t just cancel it a few weeks after releasing season two.


As a reminder, I’ve keeping both an Apple Music playlist and Spotify playlist updated that includes all of my favorite new songs from 2018.

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